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Integrated Logistics Management

For more than a decade, customers have relied on LSI to provide solutions to their most demanding logistics challenges. LSI has taken the imperatives of logistics planning, implementing, and controlling and has formulated them into a simple repeatable approach.
LSI offers a full range of logistics analysis and consulting services on such topics as cost analysis, asset tracking, distribution management, inventory management, logistics readiness analysis, facilities maintenance and management, third party logistics, operational theater logistics, and supportability assessments.

Life Cycle Support

LSI’s logistics and acquisition professionals provide post-production and deployment support to help our customers plan and implement life cycle management support for today’s complex systems. Our professionals are guided by the requirements of DoD Directive 5000.1 and DoD Instruction 5000.2, as well as the policy and procedural requirements of the individual military services and their components. Life cycle planning requires expertise in numerous disciplines, including logistics and acquisition management, but also system engineering, configuration management, data management, and financial management.
LSI’s life cycle professionals are typically Level III certified in both logistics and acquisition management and therefore have the capability to provide tremendous value to our customers and their programs.

Proven Capabilities In Supply Chain And Acquisition Logistics

In the event that our customer is already compromised, LSI employs forensics experts, industry-leading tools and an integrated process to:

  1. Detect compromised systems
  2. Defeat that compromise and stop the data loss or threat’s exploitation
  3. Implement Industry Standard best practices to repair and secure the network infrastructure
  4. Restore the customer’s environment and data to a secure and reliable state
  5. Protect the infrastructure from future compromises by implementing the rest of our focused risk assessment

Logistics service offerings

  1. Logistics Management Training and Consulting
  2. Strategic, Operational and Tactical Logistics Planning and Implementation
  3. Logistics Programs & Project Management
  4. Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Management
  5. Logistics Systems Consulting, Procurement and Asset and Inventory Management
  6. Business Process Analysis – Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Assessment
  7. Total Life-Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM) Assistance
  8. Supply Chain Risk Management
  9. Wholesale and Retail Supply Management
  10. Warehouse Operations and Distribution Management
  11. Item Unique Identification (IUID) and RFID Implementation and Management
  12. Automated Property Accountability
  13. RFID Tagging