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Cybersecurity Solution Brief


LSI understands that our Networks serve as an enabler for our adversaries to penetrate our Network Infrastructure “at will” as they take full advantage of our vulnerabilities. Once our adversaries gain access to our networks they map them in an effort to identify Mission Critical, Mission Essential, and Master Data Archives reside on specific nodes on the network. The adversaries are attempting to corrupt our data, information and knowledge sources to have a direct impact on our military prowess, power grid, financial community infrastructure, and other environments.
Based on this understanding, LSI is focused on Network/Application/Data Security and Predictive Analytics and Analysis that feeds Cyber Situational Awareness. Combining this approach with our cost-effective ISO-certified management approach, LSI can help its customers understand their cyber situation, resolve any compromises, close cyber weaknesses and provide continuous cyber security operations to protect their infrastructures. LSI delivers expert Information Assurance (IA) and cyber security assessments involving:


In the event that our customer is already compromised, LSI employs forensics experts, industry-leading tools and an integrated process to:

  1. Detect compromised systems
  2. Defeat that compromise and stop the data loss or threat’s exploitation
  3. Implement Industry Standard best practices to repair and secure the network infrastructure
  4. Restore the customer’s environment and data to a secure and reliable state
  5. Protect the infrastructure from future compromises by implementing the rest of our focused risk assessment


  1. Work with customer’s team to implement prioritized recommendations to infrastructure, policies and processes
  2. Standardize the program to minimize rework and keep the customer on a secure operations path
  3. Apply our continuous-monitoring methodology that combines experts, risk-adjusted processes and a one-of-a-kind cyber threat collaborating and intelligence sharing platform
  4. Ensures customers have the fastest access to threat warnings and can use predictive analysis to minimize exposure to attacks and emerging vulnerabilities.