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LookOut Asset Management

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Lookout Asset Management (Lookout) is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) product resource monitoring application that provides and supports real time performance monitoring, reporting, and inventory/asset management over the life cycle of a resource. A resource can be defined as either a human or capital asset that has a finite useful life, and it can be either a person or an object. However, the functionality of Lookout was designed principally for property and personnel management.

Lookout is totally configurable for specific operational needs. Variables such as property condition, property status types, and facility and zone management are all defined for each specific deployment. This approach minimizes re-training for end users and gives them the most flexibility for defining system processes that align with existing operational processes.


Asset Management
  •   Deployment and storage monitoring to report asset usage
  •   Life cycle support management for useful life analysis
  •   Full asset maintenance history
  •   Condition-code based reporting to manage asset turn-over


Personnel Monitoring
  •   Real-time location monitoring for safety and evacuation
  •   History of personnel location for future investigation

Storage Management
  •   Manage multiple facilities, zones, & locations for each organization
  •   Build templates for standard configuration of assets (i.e., kitting)
  •   Define workflow for inbound, outbound, & storage processes
  •   Perform and track inventory functions
  •  Shipping & Receiving management


Lookout utilizes Microsoft SQL Server as the database management system (DBMS) to store all data and transactions. By using this industry-standard DBMS, database administration is not a proprietary affair, allowing using a using organization to utilize existing resources to administer its database. Custom reporting is simple to create and deploy using SQL Server Reporting Services, or several other third-party COTS reporting applications.