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CEO's message

I founded Logistics Systems Incorporated (LSI) with the objectives of applying the skills that I had acquired during my Army career to provide state-of-the-art logistics services to the public and private sectors, and in so doing to become the career provider of choice for top quality service industry professionals. I am proud to say that these objectives are now being met, although there is still much work to be done. As we have grown and matured as a company, we have been able to complement our logistics services offerings with many additional capabilities in order to provide a full service capability to our customers. I believe that our capability to cost-effectively and seamlessly integrate logistics management support with information technology services and program management services has led to our success, and will continue to do so.

During a period of great economic uncertainty and while our nation is fighting the global war on terrorism, LSI has experienced significant growth and success. We have been consistently recognized by our customers as providing outstanding quality and value. And, we have achieved this success while maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity in every facet of our operations. This emphasis on growth, excellence, and ethics and integrity will always be the hallmark by which we are known.

Our company motto, “We Help Leaders Succeed,” embodies our core values. We believe that an organization’s success is largely determined by the ability of its leaders to clearly define its goals and objectives, and then develop and execute plans to achieve them. Our success can be attributed to our focus on establishing clear and constant communications with our customers’ leadership and then providing cost effective solutions to the issues that they face.

Our focus on providing excellence and value to our customers is made possible by our people. Quite simply, we have great people – people who not only have significant experience and skills within their respective disciplines, but who also bring a passion to their work and are totally committed to meeting or exceeding their customers’ expectations.

I am proud of our accomplishments so far, and I look forward to our continued growth and success in the years ahead. I know that we will face many challenges, but I am confident that our people and our leadership, guided by our core values, will meet these challenges and continue to provide great value to our customers.

In closing, I would like to welcome you to LSI and our web site. I invite you to explore our web site further and learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

Lawrence Wilkerson
President and Chief Executive Officer

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