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LSI Ethics Program and Policy

Logistics Systems Incorporated (LSI) is committed to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior. This commitment is to be embraced and followed by all LSI employees at all times. LSI will conduct its business in an ethical and proper manner and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. LSI management and staff personnel will conduct company business with integrity, and will treat customers, vendors, teaming partners, and co-workers fairly and with respect.

LSI employees will ensure that:

  • They comply fully with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations
  • They promptly report any illegal or unethical conduct to management or other appropriate authorities
  • They not engage in any activity that might create a conflict of interest for the company or for themselves individually
  • They not engage in any activity that may raise questions about their or the company’s integrity or ethical comportment
  • They treat customers, co-workers, and all others with whom they interact professionally with integrity, respect, and fairness
  • They follow all restrictions and agreements regarding the use and disclosure of sensitive information

These requirements are at the core of LSI’s operating philosophy and will not be compromised. Strict adherence to this policy is demanded of all company employees. LSI has instituted a training program to ensure that all employees are trained on all applicable laws, rules, and regulations and how to follow them in the conduct of our business.

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